Video Editing in the Cloud with Adobe Anywhere

For years we’ve had collaborative video editing solutions that allow multiple video editors to work on the same project with the footage stored on a centralized server. Problem is, those systems would cache (transfer) the video files to the editor’s hard drive and while that file was “checked out” by that editor, no one else could work with that piece of footage. ¬†That problem was compounded when loggers, editors and VFX people were all trying to get access to the same footage at the same time. This process would usually cause a backlog of tasks to be performed by each group of users slowing the completion of the project significantly. Enter Adobe Anywhere, a new solution by Adobe that¬†alleviates the bottleneck of one-user-only editing of the video footage. Instead of having the server transfer files to a workstation, the server itself does all the edits and rendering. Previews are pushed back to each workstation. I really like that this new solution is also baked into Premiere Pro, After Effect and Prelude (a video logging tool). You just open up a collaborative project like any other project. Adobe has somehow figured out how to have multiple users working on the same video footage. I’m not sure yet how it manages edits on the exact same frame. I’ve already been impressed with the capability of Premiere Pro the last number of versions. It’s ability to edit native HD formats without re-encoding, the performance has been great, and the new interface with CS6 is super efficient. This new feature to have multiple users editing the same project is pretty much over the top. You can watch a nifty overview of Adobe Anywhere on AdobeTV.