Gamifying Learning

One of the great sessions I attended at the Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute was one entitled “Gamifying the Learning Environment” by Mike Skocko and Kevin McMahon.

These two Adobe Education Leaders talked about their experiences in moving their classes over to a gaming methodology where students progress through learning as if they were achieving levels in a game or earning belts in martial arts. Continue reading

Adobe Education Leader Institute 2012

This week I have the opportunity to be at the Adobe corporate offices to attend the Adobe Education Leader Institute. This is an event where Adobe Education leaders from K-12 and Higher Education assemble to learn from Adobe experts and from each other on how to use Adobe software effectively in teaching and learning. I’m looking forward to the many workshops, panels, feedback sessions and social events of the week.



Adobe Connect Setup Best Practices

One of my more fun responsibilities on campus is being the manager of a small Adobe Connect server. I’m constantly amazed at the power of video conferencing to connect people for communication, collaboration and learning from the far corners of the world. There are numerous ways to use Adobe Connect to aid in teaching and learning but it can be a daunting experience getting everything setup correctly for a successful event. With the help of colleagues we’ve been able to compile a short-list of tasks to aid in setting up an Adobe Connect session for broadcasting a live presentation. I hope you find this list helpful. Continue reading

Interactive Table of Contents in Adobe Connect

I learned a new cool feature inside Adobe Connect recently that I didn’t know about previously. I suspect there are many of you out there that would find this useful. When you upload your PowerPoint slide deck to Connect (it will convert your Powerpoint slides so you can present them from online) and you record your meeting or virtual classroom, Connect will automatically create an interactive table of contents for you. The title of each PowerPoint slide will be used as the title of each link listed in the table of contents. If you have multiple presenters you can setup multiple layouts, one for each presenter and Connect will create a hierarchical table of contents for you. Continue reading