Adobe Lightroom 5 Released


Adobe Lightroom 5 was released today. It includes the following enhancements.

Smart Previews
This is my favorite new feature. Smart Previews gives you the ability to continue to edit your photo even when the source photo isn’t on your hard drive. This feature comes in handy when you are editing on your laptop and you are running out of hard disk space. You can store all your photos off line, and when you connect your external hard drive, Lightroom 5 will automatically sync the edits with your photos.

Advanced Healing Brush
Adobe swapped the Spot Removal Tool for the Advanced Healing Brush found in Photoshop. Now we have greater control over fixing lint, dust, and other blemishes in our photos with greater control.

A new Upright Tool
This tool analyzes images and detects skewed horizontal and vertical lines and makes them straight. I’m interested in seeing how this tool can straighten photos shot with a fisheye lens.

Radial Gradient Tool
I love the Graduated Filter tool which lets you draw a rectangle on the screen and change specific parameters within the rectangle. Now there’s a tool to create multiple vignettes in a photo where you can change photo properties. It will be interesting to see how photographers use this tool.

Video Slide Shows
Now you can combine photo, video and music to create HD videos that can be shared with anyone.

Improved Photo Book Creation
Lightroom 5 gives you the capability to now edit and customize the book templates that are available when you are creating a book to print.

There are some welcome enhancements in Lightroom 5. I’ll be using utilizing the Smart Previews on my laptop to free up disk space and I’ll be using the Advanced Healing Brush regularly to touch up photos.