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Flash Facts

To say that there was a fair bit of sensationalism, gloating, and word twisting in the tech media last week about Adobe and Flash just might be the understatement of the year.  After reading some of the articles, I fully expected to see complementary photos of thugs in balaclavas burning Adobe flags and stomping on retail boxes of Flash Professional.

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Adobe MAX 2011 – Keynote 2 Recap

The Day 2 Keynote at the Adobe MAX 2011 conference is usually reserved for more developer centric material and this year was no exception. There was however a twist in the order of emphasis of technologies this year. The keynotes of latter years have started out strongly with the Flash Platform and how Adobe is committed to providing a development solution that works cross-OS, cross browsers, cross devices. This year, Adobe started off strongly showing their commitment to web technologies. Specifically HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PhoneGap.

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Adobe MAX 2011 – Keynote 1 Recap

The first keynote at the Adobe MAX Conference this year was spectacular! Right from the get-go, the introductory art piece/performance started with a lone violinist on stage then, a pair of dancers appeared who transitioned to a gigantic 400 foot wide, 300 million pixels per second high-def projection screen behind them. Once on the giant screen and in the digital realm, the dancers interacted with vivid animations and impressive special effects. The whole production and scale of the performance was jaw-dropping.

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The Adobe Community Summit 2011

Adobe Community BadgeAs mentioned in my previous post, both the Adobe Education Summit and the Adobe Community Summit were held on the same day before the Adobe MAX Conference. I was lucky enough to attend sessions from both events and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s my opinion that the Adobe Community Team is second to none in the industry. I’ve never seen a company more organized, more passionate and more resourced to support their community of users. Throughout the Community Summit I was able to learn more about the resources able to those who use Adobe products. Continue reading

Adobe Education Summit 2011

Adobe Education SummitI had the opportunity to attend both the Education Summit and Community Summit this year a day before the actual Adobe MAX conference. What a great experience! These two events were happening simultaneously so it was quite a painful process having to choose from the many excellent sessions (isn’t it always?). Fortunately, many of the sessions were recorded with Adobe Connect and will be made available later.

The Education Summit was jam-packed with sessions talking about educational resources provided by Adobe and sessions on inspiring ideas presented by educators who are using Adobe products to improve education. The Education Summit is a free event, and while it’s targeted towards those from the education community who are also attending the Adobe MAX conference there were a few who flew out to Los Angeles just to attend this event. Continue reading