Introducing Panoramic Utah

I’ve been involved with creating panoramic photos since the late 1990’s. Back in the day, we would take a series of photos with a film camera mounted to a Kaidan panoramic tripod head. The photos would then need to be developed and then scanned with a digital scanner. Those digital files would then stitched together to create a cylindrical panoramic experience and exported to QuickTime VR. A cylindrical panorama allows you to zoom in our out and click and drag on the image to move left or right but, like a cylinder, you can’t look completely up or down.

Today’s modern 360° panoramas provide a complete immersive experience allowing a visitor to be placed directly within your location. Visitors can click and drag to specific areas of a panorama and can zoom in to see greater detail. Multiple panoramas can be linked together to create a virtual tour. With new ways to deliver 360 panoramic photography to computers, tablets and even mobile devices we’re seeing a resurgence of panoramic photography in the industry. 360° panoramic photography can be used for:
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Digital Publications for Tablets
  • Photo Journalism
  • Location Scouting for Movies
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Virtual Tours of Campuses and Universities
  • Panoramic Prints
  • and more…
Panoramic Utah is a web site showcasing 360° panoramic photos of some of my favorite places in Utah. Some people think that Utah is just a desert wasteland and is a speed-bump between California and Colorado.  While Utah does have wasteland, it also has alpine forests, high mountain peaks, crystal clear rivers, 5 national parks, 7 national monuments, and over 3 dozen state parks all with some of the most varied and beautiful landscapes on planet. My hope is after immersing yourself in Panoramic Utah you’ll actually visit some of these beautiful places. Hope you enjoy the site.