I finally have some time to use Adobe Premiere CS5 in a personal project shot on my Canon PowerShot D10 (a waterproof camera that deserves it's own post). I'm finding that I'm shooting most of my video these days on a photo camera or on my cell phone. The quality of video coming from newer devices I think is better and much more convenient than most DV tape camcorders. When launching Premier Pro and creating the project file for this project, I was confronted with decision up front that was a little puzzling. What sequence preset should I use for point and shoot cameras and/or mobile devices? Out of the myriad choices in Premiere Pro, I couldn't find one for simple cameras or for mobile devices. The closest presets I found were for Digital SLR. There just happens to be a simple solution for this:

  1. Use any preset first time around to create your project file.
  2. Import a video clip from your camera into your project assets bin.
  3. Drag and drop that clip on to the New Item icon at the bottom of the assets bin.

This will effectively create a new sequence that matches the settings of your video file!