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Adobe Lightroom 5 Released


Adobe Lightroom 5 was released today. It includes the following enhancements.

Smart Previews
This is my favorite new feature. Smart Previews gives you the ability to continue to edit your photo even when the source photo isn’t on your hard drive. This feature comes in handy when you are editing on your laptop and you are running out of hard disk space. You can store all your photos off line, and when you connect your external hard drive, Lightroom 5 will automatically sync the edits with your photos. Continue reading

Adobe Captivate 7 is Available

Adobe announced today the release of Captivate 7, a significant update to their eLearning authoring tool. According to my sources, the following items listed are the new features you can find inside of Captivate 07. This feature list also includes the 6.1 update enhancements which would be new to those not enrolled in the Adobe Captivate subscription plan or part of the Adobe Software Assurance program. Continue reading

Video Editing in the Cloud with Adobe Anywhere

For years we’ve had collaborative video editing solutions that allow multiple video editors to work on the same project with the footage stored on a centralized server. Problem is, those systems would cache (transfer) the video files to the editor’s hard drive and while that file was “checked out” by that editor, no one else could work with that piece of footage.   Continue reading