The Adobe Community Summit 2011

Adobe Community BadgeAs mentioned in my previous post, both the Adobe Education Summit and the Adobe Community Summit were held on the same day before the Adobe MAX Conference. I was lucky enough to attend sessions from both events and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s my opinion that the Adobe Community Team is second to none in the industry. I’ve never seen a company more organized, more passionate and more resourced to support their community of users. Throughout the Community Summit I was able to learn more about the resources able to those who use Adobe products.

Adobe has user groups around the globe that hold frequent meetings where users share ideas, tips and tricks and showcase projects created with Adobe products. These user group meetings provide excellent opportunities for networking, and are a great source for generating new ideas. Often, Adobe swag is handed out at these user group meetings and there’s even an occasional software package that’s raffled away.

Adobe provides support sites for both the developer and designer communities. The Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) is chocked full of tutorials, coding tips, cookbook recipes, examples, and other great resources. I like to keep tuned-in to fresh content on their site through their RSS feed and their twitter feed. The Adobe Design Center is equally impressive with tons of tutorials, support articles, inspiring projects, etc. for designers.

Adobe also provides online support forums where you can ask questions about any Adobe product. Usually, it’s other users out in the community who answer your questions. Searching the forums is a great way to get answers and to learn new ideas on using Adobe Software.

AdobeTV is another fantastic resource available to the Adobe community. If you prefer to watch, rather than read, AdobeTV has tons of training tutorials, and introductory presentations. Even the recent Adobe MAX conference keynotes and sessions available on AdobeTV. This is a great resource you don’t want to miss.

In addition to learning about the great resources available to the Adobe community, I learned more about being a better presenter. I’m eager to put what I learned into practice. I also learned more about the roadmap for Adobe software. This is all NDA material so I’d have to shoot you if I were to share it (or rather they would probably shoot me). Suffice it to say Adobe has a very clear vision of where they want to be in the future. I’m pretty excited to see it happen.

The Adobe Community Summit was a great event. I was able to learn more about how things work. I was able to meet many experienced community leaders and ask lots of questions. The sessions were also packed full of great information. Kudos to Adobe for putting it on and giving me an opportunity to attend.