Adobe Announces Creative Suite 6 and the Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe announced today that within 30 days they will release Creative Suite 6 and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

This is a monumental upgrade for CS6 with over 100 new features and significant increases in performance in most apps. The Adobe Creative Cloud offers some really interesting online storing, sharing and collaborating capabilities for content creators.

Shatanu Narayan, CEO of Adobe said in his introduction to these products that “Today Adobe is unveiling their most ambitious offering ever”. Later it was mentioned that Adobe has¬†invested over 10 million hours into Creative Suite 6.

The four main improvements with Creative Suite 6 are:

  1. Enormous strides in performance
  2. Enhanced UI
  3. Taking a practical approach to responsive content
  4. More Adobe Secret Sauce – New killer features!
The Adobe Creative Cloud is an integrated solution that allows you to save your development files on servers in the cloud. If offers the ability to
  • Start your creative ideas on tablets with the Adobe Touch Apps and then open those saved project up in Creative Suite apps later for more detailed work
  • Seamlessly¬†work on your projects using multiple computers.
  • Easily send proofs and previews of your work to your clients.

By subscribing to the Creative Cloud, you get access to all the apps of the Creative Suite Master Collection as well as Muse (a visually based website development tool), Edge (an HTML based animation tool) and Business Catalyst (an automated website publishing and hosting solution), and TypeKit (webfonts). One nice feature of subscribing to the Creative Cloud is that you will receive updates frequently to apps and get future offerings. For example, Adobe Lightroom will soon be made available to Creative Cloud subscribers at no additional cost. Also, future updates to the Creative Cloud will include community galleries, team solutions, and more creative development products.

I’m pretty excited to see this new release. I’ve been testing a beta version and I’ve been very impressed with performance, the new streamlined interface in some apps, cool new features like Content Aware Move in Photoshop CS6. The future addition of an integrated cloud-based collaborative workspace is going to rock my creative world!