Recap: Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute

It’s been two weeks now since the Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute has a ended and I haven’t posted a single thing about this amazing event.

The Summer Institute features a jam-packed schedule full of sessions from Adobe leadership, experts from various product teams, and presentations from AEL’s, and training sessions on various Adobe products. For me, the biggest challenge of the event is having to choose which sessions I’m going to have to miss because there are so many great sessions going on simultaneously. Fortunately, all the session were recorded and are available for attendees. Adobe is cool like that.

One of the great words of wisdom I gleaned from the event is the phrase “Small Things are the Next Big Thing”. Rather than typing up an long blog post, I’m going to focus on separate, short, pertinent pieces of information in the coming weeks.

Perhaps the biggest take-away for me from the event is how incredible Adobe Education Leaders are. The good they are doing in helping students actually get excited about learning by using technology is truly inspiring. The diversity of talent in this group is vast and yet the comradeship within the group is like a tight-knit family. I feel pretty lucky to be associated with such an outstanding group of people.