Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute Recap

The Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute this year was a tremendous event. Educators around the globe who are a part of the Adobe Education Leader Program converged upon San Jose and the Adobe Systems Headquarters to learn about future trends of educational technology, future directions of Adobe products, and tons and tons of training.

It’s so great to meet other educators who are dialed in to using technology as an effective tool for learning. The stories coming from this group on how Adobe tools are helping students to be creative, to communicate, to solve problems, and to prepare students for future jobs were all quite inspirational. The training sessions showcasing other educators using Adobe technology for teaching and learning were also very insightful.

You know you are at a great conference when small groups of colleagues break off from an evening party to learn new software techniques from each other! What’s fun about this conference is that everyone is a teacher and everyone is very eager to share their knowledge. The Adobe Education Leader Summer Institute is an unprecedented event that I look forward to each year. Thank you Adobe Education team and fellow colleagues for making it great!