Building Instructional Objects with Adobe Edge

As we move more towards mobile and tablet development in building educational content, we’re going to have to find tools and technologies that can make that content available on a wide range of devices. I’m liking the progress I’m seeing in Adobe Edge (it’s currently in beta, or preview status). I recently repurposed an older project done in Flash to put together this interactive graphic showing the progress of The Plague in the Fourteenth Century. I was able to create interactive buttons to switch between time periods, and a play/pause button to play through the slides. I did notice that the exported .svg files from Illustrator were 171KB whereas those same files exported to Flash (.swf) were only 57KB. This was after copying and pasting each layer out of a bloated Illustrator file in to a new file. The original .svg export was 2.6MB for each slide! It’s going to be an interesting time for content developers as more and more students demand educational content be optimized for their devices.

Click to See the Interactive Graph