Interactive Table of Contents in Adobe Connect

I learned a new cool feature inside Adobe Connect recently that I didn’t know about previously. I suspect there are many of you out there that would find this useful. When you upload your PowerPoint slide deck to Connect (it will convert your Powerpoint slides so you can present them from online) and you record your meeting or virtual classroom, Connect will automatically create an interactive table of contents for you. The title of each PowerPoint slide will be used as the title of each link listed in the table of contents. If you have multiple presenters you can setup multiple layouts, one for each presenter and Connect will create a hierarchical table of contents for you.

Adobe needs to work on the user experience for end users to access this marvelous feature. Currently, users have to first find, then click the tiny disclosure triangle located on the left slide of the Adobe Connect window.

Upon clicking the button, end users will be able to see a table of contents that they can click on to take them to specific parts of the recorded session. The titles of each PowerPoint slide will be automatically be used as the title for each


I think this is an indispensable feature for education in viewing recorded online lectures, webinars and other recorded presentations. Many times, users want to be able to jump to a specific point in a presentation and this feature facilitates that quite nicely. Now all we need is for Adobe Connect to support Multi-speed Playback!


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