Adobe Connect Setup Best Practices

One of my more fun responsibilities on campus is being the manager of a small Adobe Connect server. I’m constantly amazed at the power of video conferencing to connect people for communication, collaboration and learning from the far corners of the world. There are numerous ways to use Adobe Connect to aid in teaching and learning but it can be a daunting experience getting everything setup correctly for a successful event. With the help of colleagues we’ve been able to compile a short-list of tasks to aid in setting up an Adobe Connect session for broadcasting a live presentation. I hope you find this list helpful. If you have any ideas you’d like to share that would help in setting up an live meeting in Adobe Connect, I would most welcome your feedback.

Adobe Connect Setup Best Practices

Equipment List:

  • Laptops (one for presenter, one for moderator)
  • Display Adapter (Dongle)
  • Projector
  • Table for Projector and Recording Laptop
  • Wired connection to the Internet
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Electrical Extension Cords
  • Power strip that accommodates all the electrical devices you are using
  • Lavaliere Mics (Have 2 for multiple presenters).
  • Wireless Mic (To pass around audience for questions).
  • Audio Mixer with two busses (one for the computer out to the house speakers, and another for the wireless mics into the computer).

Optimal Recording Setup

  • Position chairs, table, screens and presenter in a way to get the best video recording if possible. Look for optimal lighting, avoid backlighting, etc.
  • Position table to accommodate projector and recording computer.
  • Reserve any seats that would be useful in facilitating the recording.

Setup Recording (Moderator) Computer

  • Connect computer to a power source.
  • Connect computer to a wired Internet connection.
  • Connect lavaliere mic(s) to mixer
  • Connect handheld wireless mic to mixer (for questions)
  • Connect mixer output for mics to input of computer
  • Connect computer audio-out to house (through mixer if necessary)
  • Connect and test webcam to computer
  • Consider creating a new account on computer for presentations or optimize the current account setup.
  • Shut down any VPNs on the computer. Connect directly to the Internet.
  • Sign-in to corporate network if needed (see support people for credentials).
  • Shut down all programs not used in the presentation, including email, instant messaging, Facebook, chat, etc.
  • Turn off computer “sleep” mode especially if a re-log in is required
  • Upload slides to Connect as an attachment
  • Open all apps the presenter will be using (except in high memory situations).
  • Open all websites/web pages the presenter will need.
  • Have backup screen shots of websites or software demos and have them ready to present in case things goes wrong.
  • Test audio levels by going to “Audio Setup Wizard” under the “Meeting” menu in Connect
  • Create a layout (lobby) that allows participants to enter the Adobe Connect room 15 minutes prior to start time. Provide participants with information on the presentation; include start time and music so they don’t think the webinar isn’t working.
  • If there are multiple presentations, upload each presentation slide deck into a separate layout and make sure they are all set to display the first slide when displayed. By presenting with the slides online, Connect will automatically create an interactive table of contents that users can use to navigate within the presentation.
  • Start on time.

Setup Presenter Computer

  • Connect computer to a power source.
  • Connect computer to a wired Internet connection.
  • Have the presenter sign in as a guest to the connect meeting room. As the host, hover over the users name in the Participant List and change the role of the user to presenter.
  • Go to the presenter’s layout and upload the the presenter’s PowerPoint slides. The slides will be converted to a Connect slide deck. By presenting the slides inside Connect, an interactive table of contents will be created automatically.

Dress Rehearsal

  • Require all presenters to attend a rehearsal a day or two prior to the live event.
  • Presenters should be using the same phone, computer, and Internet that they will be using the day of the live meeting.
  • Record a few mintues of the dress rehearsal. Watch the recording. Make sure everything in the presentation is recording correctly.
  • Use the rehearsal as the final content deadline and take the time to test all content to ensure that it looks and operates as anticipated.

Day of Presentation Setup

  • Have everything setup and ready to go 15 minutes prior.
  • Have the lobby layout showing with background music playing to let online users know audio is working.
  • Mute the mic on the recording computer until we are ready to start.
  • Don’t forget to switch out of the lobby layout and start the recording of the presentation before starting!

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